Links from SFB Readers


A few interesting links were sent to the SFB inbox, check out this information:

10 healthy foods that are illegal in the USA— read this

50 best search engines for food choices— read this

Twitter user @hyperlocavore sent information about a website for folks in Spokane, WA looking for yard share space or gardeners. The site is free, so sign up! This is a great idea for land owner who don’t want to maintain it, and apartment dwellers who want to garden:

For more on yard sharing
Distributed suburban #CSA?
A hyperlocavore?

7vs7: Locavore Round 1 winners expect your prize in the mail this week. Those of you who have not sent your address email me (go to contact upper right corner) so I can send you your prize.

[caption id=”attachment_1420” align=”aligncenter” width=”225” caption=”What is the name of this plant growing in Spokane, WA?”]What is the name of this plant growing in Spokane, WA?[/caption]