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Life and Limb at The Blue Spark


If it seems like we’re showing the Blue Spark a lot of love lately, there is a pretty simple reason for that: When a local spot brings in something special, like the Abyss, on tap, then why wouldn’t we get a bit giddy?

Their latest special (and we don’t know if it’s still there—your loss if you missed it, we talked about it on Twitter!) is Life and Limb, a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head. An interesting partnership for sure: Sierra Nevada usually holds a good quality without being too exciting, while Dogfish Head can go either way, but always while doing something different.

Weighing in at a hefty 10.2% ABV, Life and Limb comes served in a snifter, which, among other things, means you can feel pretty classy while drinking it. Because this is a classy ale. The aroma is lightly sweet with hints of maple and citrus, which isn’t too surprising when its deep dark red color is taken into consideration.

The taste is spot on what you’d expect: nice and crispy on the tip on the tongue, and then laces your mouth in sweet syrup-y goodness. Nice hints of malts and fruits. This is one you can sit and sip—and you do want to sip it—for a long time while just to enjoy its depths.

As with many high alcoholic beers, opinions of Life and Limb will probably be all over the map. Don’t go in drinking this like it’s a Budweiser. Approach it like a fine cognac or whiskey. Then you will see the deliciousness of it.