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Liberty Bottleworks

Product PlacementSpokane

Liberty Bottleworks cover

Water bottles, how exciting can they actually be? The answer is not very, yet there are certain manufacturers who put that extra care into their products, making something that's just a little bit different, and a little more usable. A little greener even.

Liberty Bottleworks is based in Union Gap, which while not quite local, at least puts them in the 509 area code. Location aside, their products hit all the aforementioned criteria, while also being very well designed.

For some, the recycled material might be the top selling point. Liberty's bottles are the only American made bottles that are produced fully using recycled materials. You can even go the other direction and fully recycle the bottle, which is cool.

For others -- including us -- the design is really what got us hooked in. The lid only requires a quarter twist to be secured, and by secured we mean secured. This thing sits tighter on the bottle than your conventional twist-on lid ever has. Plus, the click when it locks is ultra satisfying.

The graphic designs, too, are pretty cool. There is a good selection to pick from, all made by different artists, and you can also customize your own designs. 

The ease of use makes the bottle a winner with us, and the green part is a definite bonus. In fact, check out their site; it has a lot of information about the production and what not. 

You can find Liberty's bottles all over town, from REI to Ace Hardware. Check them out, they're pretty awesome.