Let's look at what's really the best


Well, now that's over with, so let's look at what's really the best. Do we want people Bing-ing their way trying to find the best food in Spokane and end up on with that list? No! Therefore, as a public service, we have created a dedicated page for our Best of Spokane, the one you voted in a few months back. Link will forever be found at the bottom of the page.

We still think it's a pretty accurate list, but a few excellent places have popped up on our radar since voting ended. Here are a few you should consider for your rotation:

  • The Bulldog: It's still sort of a dive, but the Lazy Bones-style barbecue is best in town.
  • Chairs Coffee: Coffee Social is gone, replaced by Chairs, a coffee shop better than Coffee Social 2.
  • Greek Street Pizza: Excellent pizza, and a nicely varied menu, this is one of the better take-out places in town.
  • (New) Natural Start: The New Natural Start has gone from being awful to actually-pretty-good, and is one we're keeping our eye on.
  • Nectar Tasting Room: Great tasting room for anyone who likes wine. Which is pretty much anyone.

Just a few we think is worthy your consideration, though we're guessing many of you have already tried them.