Latah Bistro loves Morocco...


... and so do we, having just visited the country.

We have given the Bistro some love in the past, and, after taking in some Moroccan style halibut and chickpea soup last night, we’re not above doing it again. Just the fact that they went all out with a full Moroccan selection (well, minus dessert) is a good thing, and even better were the flavors that stayed true to what they authentically should be. I mean, really, too often thinking outside of American and European cuisine around these parts tend to be a slab of tuna with soy sauce that is called “Asian.” (“Asia” is, apparently, a tiny little continent somewhere on the right of the map where they only eat tuna.)

But I digress. Nice couscous and a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors, the fish was perfectly prepared. The soup, too, fit the theme as advertised. I might just be a dude going to restaurants and not a legit food journalist, but gee golly, I thought the Bistro served up a menu that was just a little bit different with high quality flavors.

Which is good, because the one minor issue I do have with Latah Bistro remains: Outside of the specials, the menu rarely changes seasonally. I mean, I’m fairly certain I saw the pumpkin bread pudding on the menu. In July. Odd. Or possibly avant garde.

Anyway, run down there and see if the menu is still there, because it was awesome.