Latah Bistro is all about the veggies


The menuWe’re all about local restaurants wanting to do something a bit outside of their comfort zone, which is why Latah Bistro’s “Vegetarian Wine Dinner” sounds cool. The six course dinner—it includes a variety of dishes like borscht, torta, and caramel popcorn—is served with three glasses of organic wines, and is limited to a seating of 20. At $62 it is looking like a pretty great deal.

More than anything, I do like the tagline, “you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy meatless.” One thing that always has impressed me about Mizuna is how they integrate vegetarian dishes on their menu, and even sworn omnivores like myself will order from them without giving the lack of meat a second thought. That’s definitely better than the age-old “replace burger with a portobello” feeling many places give.

Looking at Latah Bistro’s event menu, I get a good vibe from dishes like “cheese fritter with tomato balsamic jam” and “vegetable torta with with organic farm egg.” But then again, I’m just a slut for tortas, so maybe that’s the only reason?

The “Vegetarian Wine Dinner” will be held on April 21st at 6pm, and reservations are being taken. Check it out if you can.