Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot


Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot cover

I like Lagunitas' ales if only for their creative names. Their beers aren't shabby either, and their WTF would probably have been somewhat of a classic had I tried it during winter, as opposed to in 60 degree weather.

This is what they call an "Imperial Brown Ale," which basically means it's a brown with some kick. It pours a dark copper color with some vaguely amber-y hues and about a finger worth of head. You can pretty much see the richness of the flavor, and that's a good sign.

A quick sniff reveals a slight mix of malts and hops with an undertone of spiciness. It's a pleasant, almost sweet odor.

The flavor is malty and spicy, more so than I expected. There's also a bit of a citric undertone, as well as a very slight presence of hops. Overall there's a lot of depth here, and the almost 8% ABV is hidden away nicely. This is a good sipping beer, one to enjoy while working through the layers of flavors.

So, I obviously like it, but honestly, these flavors kind of say Christmas to me. Therefore I didn't enjoy it quite as thoroughly as I had hoped. Try one, definitely, just hold off until the sun doesn't shine.