Klean Kanteen

Product PlacementSpokane

We've talked about the KeepCup before, and an excellent cup it is. Intended to replace paper cups, it serves pretty much the same function while looking good, being reusable, customizable, and keeping your coffee warm, at least for a while.

The latter might be somewhat of a downfall for the slower drinkers among us. "A while" is longer than what you get from a paper cup, but the KeepCup is not intended to be a thermos. (Also, the Doxey also whined about his cup having a leaking issue, and we can only hope he had the good sense to have it exchanged. We have not seen that problem.)

Anyway: As far as a good alternative for those wanting to keep their coffee warm, almost literally , forever, we recommend Klean Kanteen.

This is, of course, simply a canteen, fashionably misspelled, and it works better any type of thermos we've tried. There are quite few variations of it out there, and while you can find them at a few standard resellers in Spokane, one of your favorite coffee shops might just be carrying them. We know Coeur carried some Stumptown branded ones.

The Klean Kanteen have two points of awesomeness: Like already mentioned, it keeps your coffee warm through the whole day, pretty much at the temperature it was poured.

Secondly, it gives off no metallic aftertaste to the coffee. This has been the problem with some canteen we've tried, but not so with the Klean Kanteen. The flavor is still clean as should be.

It's also easy to drink from, which, hey, is always a plus.

We think the Klean Kanteen is well worth its price. Check in and see if your favorite coffee shop carries them. Otherwise we'd heartily recommend the ones from Olympia Coffee Roasting Co, which we use.