Kentucky Fried Chicken and a challenge


Dear Spokane Food Blogger!

First, thanks for all the wonderful feedback about my Taco Bell blogger! I was a little surprised to see some negative feedback and it makes me wonder if Spokane might be a bit too snobby for its own good when it comes to food? This is why I would like to post a new blogger about another fast food place I find very underrated: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The restaurant close to my Northwest Boulevard area house was recently renovated and boy does it look the part! Beautiful shapes and muted colors, I somehow wonder if the downtown Taco Bell found inspiration in this Kentucky Fried Chicken? I personally think an inviting exterior really sets the tone for a fabulous dinner experience!

And the food! It is wonderful! Here are a few tips on how to have a fabulous chicken dinner: First, make sure to get the extra crispy skin. They usually don’t have this pre cooked, so you will get wonderful fresh chicken! Delish! Second, ask for gravy on the side! This is very important, because you actually get more gravy this way! Third, go for a value meal. My family of five (myself, my wife, and my three children) always get the three person meal. There is plenty of food in there! Including corn on the cob on a stick, mashed potatoes, chicken (extra crispy!!), gravy (on the side!!), and fabulous biscuits!

I can understand why people are a bit uncertain about fast food places, but Kentucky Fried Chicken just makes good food fast! I challenge all of you Negative Nellys to name me a place in Spokane where I can get this good chicken for such a cheap price!!

Thanks for reading my blogger!