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We don’t discriminate here at the ol’ Spokane Food Blog. Why does a beer need to be alcoholic? Of course it doesn’t! And if you want a non (or “low”) alcoholic beer, you don’t go much better than with a Kaliber.

Kaliber is manufactured by Harp, of Guinness fame, and really, this isn’t a horrible tasting beer. Very malty, and pours with a good head. Now if you haven’t had a non-alcoholic beer before, you might be surprised, or, as it is, your body will be surprised. Even those with a fairly high tolerance will expect some sort of effect after one beer, but with the Kaliber that effect just doesn’t come. And your body doesn’t quite understand why not.

Granted, that effect might be something you want from a beer, and fair enough. But the Kaliber is refreshing, and can easily be enjoyed on a warm summer’s day.