It's almost time


You smell that? That's the smell of fear. Fear that the beer didn't carbonate; fear that the flavors didn't come through; fear that they will be laughed out of the room.

This might be like any other day if your name is Erick Doxey, but Luca Brasi has been uncharacteristically candid about how awful their beer is. Is that all strategy? Or is the beer destined for the last place that rightfully belongs to Team Border War?

We have also heard rumors of panic forming in the Dreyerbräu camp, and Hops R Us has turned its nose up on its own brew, labeling it "merely sufficient". Team DOMA, meanwhile, has kept their cockiness up on Twitter, trying to tell us it's gold. As seems to be the claim from both SAC & SAL and Quandary Brewing.

Other than that there has been a lot of quiet. Blips here and there of "oh, maybe I shouldn't have been so tough up front" indicate homebrewing might not be as easy as some had hoped.

Here at Team SpoCOOL we are not worried. Our ale is perfection. As they say: Perfection is always flawed.

SpoBREW will go down this Saturday, 7pm at the Porch.  Veraci Pizza will be there, so bring cash, and Big Sky will provide libations. How awesome is that? Damn awesome, that's how awesome that is. For more check the event's Facebook page.