Iron Horse Cozy Sweater


So this is probably pretty much the end of the winter beer season which is... Well, it's kind of odd, but Deschutes has already puked out their annual Red Chair NWPA, so I suppose that was that.

Let's end on a low note then, with Iron Horse's Cozy Sweater. Iron Horse usually does pretty OK with me; I've at least never deemed any of their stuff to be too awful. Cozy Sweater, meanwhile, is all kinds of a letdown. They call it a stout, and maybe it technically is, but I cannot remember ever having such a thin stout. Thin in every way possible.

Even the color seems off. I mean, it pours black... ish. Kind of like a puddle, it has sort of a dirty, dark brown color to it. It does not look particularly good.

Sniff, and there's a bit of vanilla in there, and a vague malty smell. This is probably the beer's best trait. Get this beer if all you want to do is to sniff it.

Take a sip, however, and disappointment hits once again. It's like drinking water; no body, and very little flavor. Maybe some burnt coffee toward the back, mixed with just a hint of vanilla, but really, there's nothing going on here. 

No, I really did hate Cozy Sweater. Sadly. I couldn't find any hints of winter, body, or flavor. It wasn't cozy at all.

It's still on the shelves, so try it if you like, but don't say I didn't warn you. Frankly I'd pick up the Red Chair instead,