Iron Horse 509 Style Ale


Iron Horse 509 Style Ale cover

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Those west side bastards think anything in the 509 area code is all rodeos and tractors and skeleton farmers. Of course, Iron Horse isn't from the west side at all, they're located well within the 509 area code in Ellensburg. So get over yourself. It's not a big deal.

The 509 is a pale ale, basically a continuation of Iron Horse's Rodeo Pale Ale, and a pretty decent one at that. Average body and average head, and the nose reveals sweet malts. 

This is an extremely smooth ale. There are hints of caramel and citric hops, and some lightly florally hops. The flavors are crisp and clean, and at 5% ABV I can see this being a good session beer. With the heavier ales usually consumed during fall, I think this one can serve as a good contrasting choice.

It might not be super exciting, and some might not like the label's implications, but whatever. I like it. Go pick a bottle up and feel good about not taking yourself too seriously.