Iron Goat Head Butt IPA


So here's another good IPA from Iron Goat, one you can find in more places than what Taplister suggests. It has a crisp freshness to it, and is not overwhelmingly hoppy, yet plenty flavorful all the same. Balanced, in other words, and not as head butt-y as the name would suggest, even at 6.7% ABV with 90 IBUs.

The first impression, based off the look, was not entirely positive, mind you. It looked overly cloudy, though as it warmed up, a more golden amber color revealed itself through the fog.

A sniff revealed mostly hops, which might be why I was surprised at how balanced the flavor was. Don't get me wrong, you'll easily pick up on the hops here, and this is not the beer for those who are not fans of hops. There is, however, a lot more going on: Citric notes are ubiquitous, backed by a gentle fruit-like sweetness. Toward the back you'll even find a light spiciness which adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the typical dry finish you find in many hoppy ales.

I really liked the way all of these flavors came together in a complimentary fashion. I'm sort of in-like with hops, and I always appreciate an IPA that is more than a hop-bomb.

Iron Goat has succeeded well, in my mind, with making the Head Butt an interesting IPA. It's hoppy, but not overwhelmingly so, and flanked by an arsenal of flavors which makes it a truly good sipper.