Introducing the #SpoBREW Classic


It's going down: The #SpoBREW Classic will take place at the Porch, Saturday, September 21st, at 4:30 pm. You're dead to us if you don't put that on the calendar right now, as much awesomeness will happen.

Before we get to that, though: The signup is now open for homebrewers wishing to compete. There are only two one no spots (out of sixteen) left at the time of writing, so get your team signed up for the wait list if you want to participate. Do note the many a rule has changed, so read the whole page carefully before making your commitment.

Speaking of the rules: some of these will also affect anyone wishing to sample the homebrew this year. We have two categories, malty beers and hoppy beers, each with eight teams competing. Instead of featuring one beer at the time -- the way we used to do it -- each team will have individual tables where they present their beers, and where you will be able to do your tasting.

There will also be an "open table" where brewers can bring whatever oddities they want. You know, for extra fun.

We kind of dropped the ball on last year's art contest -- sorry! -- but there will be a proper one this year. We promise! More info will be available soon.

Veraci will, again, be on location, peddling their pizza. Awesome (and probably also not so awesome) homebrew and your favorite pizza, it's a glorious combination.

Vic will be MCing the contest, which, with passion in his voice, he also did during 1/4 of the last #SpoBREW.

And that's really a (very) general overview of what will go down, September 21st, 4:30 pm. More will, of course, be revealed as we get closer to the contest. For now, sign up if you want to compete, and get ready for the third-and-a-half #SpoBREW!