Introducing the #SnapShotSpokane scavenger hunt


Remember #SnapShotSpokane? It was -- is -- New Belgium's local promo campaign where you can tag your Instagrams with #SnapShotSpokane and #21 to enter to win a cruiser bike. For every entry, New Belgium donates $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank. Everybody wins!

Well, with the cooperation of New Belgium and the ever incorrigible Bart Mihailovich, we're taking it all one step further. We're turning #SnapShotSpokane into one big-ish scavenger hunt, all taking place on Instagram!

The rules run pretty much like mentioned above: Tag photos of the sixteen places and people mentioned below with #SnapShotSpokane and #21 (to indicate you are 21 years or over) and you will be entered into the drawing of the aforementioned bike. And to make it clear: you do not need to have the Snapshot beer in the photos.

And! There is more!

We, at ye olde SpoCOOL, have our own side contest going, all based on a points system: You will, of course, get one point per picture, but it's really all about the bonus points. Some of those are listed below; some are secret.

In other words, we will reward things like best photo, funniest photo, and so on, so forth… Be creative: You never know what your Instagramming talents will bring you.

The contest will run from right now until midnight, March 31st.

Most importantly: Each photo tagged with #SnapShotSpokane and #21 means a $1 donation to Second Harvest from New Belgium.

Now, the list!

  • A photo of the «Transcend the Bullshit» writing on Harold Balazs’s 3-story tall concrete sculpture behind the INB Performing Arts Center.
  • A selfie of you feeding the Spokane garbage goat.
  • A photo of the Spokane River from the Spokane Falls SkyRide.
  • A photo of the Tambourine Man at a local concert. Bonus point for making it a selfie with the man.
  • A photo of the house from Benny and Joon. Bonus point for finding the spot of the other house used for some external shots.
  • A photo of a leftover sign or relic from Expo ‘74.
  • A Bartlett selfie -- also needs to be tagged with #bartlettselfieclub.
  • A photo of a barista making a pour-over at a local coffee shop. Bonus point if they scowl at you in all their barista-ness while doing so.
  • A photo from a Shock game.
  • A photo of a marmot in the wild. (We don't actually know if they're out yet, so this could be a wildcard.)
  • A photo of one of the Milk Bottle buildings.
  • A photo of a basalt formation.
  • A photo of one of the windmill buildings.
  • A selfie while riding the Looff carousel.
  • A selfie with the mayor.
  • A selfie with the Riverkeeper.

Disclaimer: You're responsible for your own actions doing this. Your photos may also be featured on this site over the next few weeks, so, you know, keep it classy.

In summation: Each photo needs to be tagged with #SnapShotSpokane and #21. Each of those shots will enter you into the drawing for a bike, courtesy of New Belgium. Each shot will also mean a $1 donation to Second Harvest from New Belgium.

In addition, we will come up with some fun and fascinating prizes in our portion of the contest.

Bart? He won't contribute anything, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Now, go tag those Instagrams, and good luck!