Introducing the Nuclear #Spiceawar vendors


First, if you're looking for an official invite to Nuclear #Spiceawar, look no further! We all know it doesn't get any more official than a Facebook invite -- who doesn't love the AOL of our era? -- so there it is. Feel free to join.

Of course, when invited to something, you obviously ask yourself, what is in this for me?! And a good question it is.

It goes without saying you'll get to watch ten contestants in agony for five rounds, which is free entertainment in itself. Yet, there's more! Here are some of the vendors you will be able to check out, just for yourself during the event. (And remember, this list can certainly grow.)

Monterey Café: They will again provide a spicy pizza for the contest, and word has it slices will be available for public sampling.

Big Sky Brewing: Available at Saranac will be a special Big Sky brew, one of the spicy variety.

Fremont Brewing: And the same goes for Fremont! I mean, you can drink weird and wonderful beer while witnessing a dumb contest! What's better?

BEET It Up Mobile Juice Bar: Not that you need alcohol, of course. Enjoy a refreshingly spicy juice from BEET It Up, and feel all healthy at the same time. (As opposed to those of us competing.)

Saranac: Other than hosting the event and all, there will be special menu items for #Spiceawar, both the day of the contest, and the week leading up to it. More about that soon!

Erick Doxey Photography: Granted, he won't actually take your picture, but you can always jump into his shots if need be.

And: Prizes!

That's right: prizes!

We won't reveal how you can win them, but there will be prizes, and there will be some good ones.

Among our friends and donors, we have Dave's, known for their insanely hot sauces, and with a marketing man from Gonzaga. (A bit of trivia for you there.)

We have heard rumors that Volstead Act is contributing something, as is DOMA.

And so are other vendors! Who, you may ask? Well, we'll save that -- and more -- for another day, but let it be known that there are plenty of stuff you will be able to partake in, even if you're not competing.

Mark that calendar: Saranac; Saturday, February 8th; 2:30pm. RSVP if you so like!