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Introducing the Nuclear #Spiceawar contestants


Introducing the Nuclear #Spiceawar contestants cover

Ten mentally unstable individuals will throw themselves into the final battle, the final chance to win the title of the ultimate #Spiceawarrior. Who are they? Let's have a look…

Bart "The Coalminer" Mihailovich: The Riverkeeper made it to the final round last time, or rather, he made it until ten seconds before it started. Then he had to make the run for the bathroom and instant disqualification. This time, he's out for revenge.

Kris "Thunder" Crocker: You know her best from her Untappd account, and now as one of two newcomers to #Spiceawar. Can she shake up this year's contest? Time will tell, but rumor has it she's dark horse.

Leif "We Don't Know Who He Is" Sanders: A late replacement player, we don't know who Leif is. Does he even exist? He probably does, but if he is a true contender or possibly just a ringer is anybody's guess.

Liz "Caught A Bad Break Last Time" Hetland: After a strong start, Liz caught a bad break with the Wheel of Misfortune, and got sent out earlier than she probably should have. Could this be the year for a comeback kid?

Mark "Is Always There" Simonds: His two other outings didn't lead to much, but we feel Mark will give it his all this one last time. This is the man everybody sees everywhere around town -- will he also be seen topping the contest?

Patrick "The Onion Bowler" O'Halloran: Two Spiceavore contests without victory, Patrick has recently kept it real in other lesser contests. Will the practice pay off? Is this Patrick's year to shine? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

Paul "Probably Won't Be There" Dillon: Rumor has it Paul will drop out of the contest without notice. Again. Just like he did last time. And repercussions will be severe when if this happens again.

Remi "Will Win This" André: I mean, I'm writing this, so what else would I say? Victory in the first Spiceavore contest, second place in the second… I'm pretty awesome.

Shaun "Doesn't Want His Name Printed" Whatsisname: Team winner in the first one, Shaun couldn't quite reach the wuthering heights in #Spiceawar. Coming out of retirement this one last time, Shaun has his eyes firmly on the prize.

You: You have the opportunity. The last spot will be auctioned off -- proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -- and you can the final, legendary ultimate #Spiceawarrior.

And! Let's not forget our judges, two faces from the last #SpoBREW: Vik "The Mouth" Gumbhir, our intrepid MC from that contest, will join Barry "Spokane's Lone Chelsea Fan" Geraghty (aka #SpoBREW's beer wench) to keep a strict eye on the contestants.

Join us for the event, Saturday, 2:30pm, at Saranac, to watch the spectacle, sample the wares, and partake in many surprising surprises.