Introducing the artists


Remember how we have an art contest for SpoBREW? Well, these people do, and are vying for the coveted title of the ultimate homebrew artist in Spokane. 

Paul: We don't actually know much about Paul -- does he even exist?! -- but he submitted his art ages ago, and has set the bar high.

Chris Dreyer: You have seen his art if you have seen DOMA coffee bags. Can the artform translate into beer labels? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

Lars: An industrial designer about half as German as Dieter Rams, who has made stuff like this. We'll negatively (or possibly positively) stereotype him and say he's a huge Kraftwerk fan too.

Scott: Scott said "We're down" yet we don't really know who "we" are. Does it involve his wife or does it involve his team mate, Erick? Does it involve all of them? We don't know, but we're sure they'll do their best to cheat, so we'll see.

Allison: We don't know Allison, but apparently she recently ate burgers and tater tots. If this will help her or not is anybody's guess.

Jessica: Another unknown, but she does have an online gallery. She also "love[s] Northwest beers" which seems like a good baseline for this contest.

Jeremy: Jeremy homebrews kombucha, which he might also make a label for. Respect.

Will: In his own fighting words: Disgruntled homebrewer that learned of this competition far too late. I will exact my revenge in the form of smarmy beer art.

Crystal: Vegan and person who speaks to the river. But will the river answer? 

Becky: 7vs7 veteran and famous for her Nintendo Wii Mario Kart DUI skillz. How this will translate into beer art is anyone's guess, but it all seems somehow pertinent. 

Brandon: He used to work for Dark Horse. Yes, they make comicbooks. Therefore we can probably expect something cool here.

... and yes, expect some highly artistical entries from Team SpoCOOL, Top That and the poet behind this post, too.