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O-M-G, we’re getting a new design! So if we’re running around like phesants with our heads cut off on Monday, and nothing on the site is working… Well, then you will know the beta version of our new design will have launched! It’ll all be good, though (unless you run IE6, which will flat out not be supported), and there will be plenty of new features for you to love.

Congratulations to @jreilly4261! He was the first person to send us a Tweet! And in case you don’t already follow us, we’re @SpoCOOL. Speaking of Twitter, make sure to use the Spokesman endorsed #SPOEATS hashtag—it will be implemented into the aforementioned new design.

There’s, apparently, an alphabet battle around Catacombs. A doesn’t want to go back. C says it’s better than ever. Agree? Disagree? Let the world know. Bonus question: What is Catacombs better known for—pizza or s’mores?