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Wow. Well. We haven't visited INDABA in a while, mostly because it's -- literally -- a few blocks outside of the roads we usually travel. So, shame on us for that. INDABA has gone from good to very good over the last 2.5 years, and a handful of recent visits suggest it might now be the most consistent coffee spot in Spokane, right up there with Lindaman's.

We tried a macchiato during a recent visit, and it was a pretty beautiful thing. Dry, with the espresso properly dominating the palette, flanked by the milk to lightly soften it all up toward the back. Really, a perfectly made macchiato.

The americano ordered during a separate visit also held a high quality. It's not like well-pulled espresso shots is too much to ask for, but the consistency of them at INDABA is more than we've seen at most other places in town.

That you now also can pick between beans from multiple roasters is kind of nice, giving you a bit more of a choice on how your coffee drink should be made.

The interiors here are nice, with a section of the storefront being a dedicated bookstore. The locale also hosts various coffee-based classes and events. All in all, INDABA's concept seems well thought out and well executed.

All five of our dedicated readers will remember our critical eye on some well-renowned Seattle coffee spots. I can say without an ounce of hyperbole that INDABA is every bit as good as the best of those.

Original January 6th, 2010 review

Located kind of in an easy to miss spot in West Central (1425 W Broadway Ave), INDABA might be in the unfortunate situation of being fairly centrally located yet off the beaten path. Might. Maybe I’m way off, and maybe I was the last person in Spokane to find the place.


INDABA is definitely a coffee shop worth checking out, even if it does mean having to stand up your regular spot at least once. For one, their coffee is pretty dang good. Serving BumperCrop Coffee, there is little to no reason why you’d want to go to Starbucks over INDABA. I mean, seriously. Live a little.

Plus, INDABA joins the ever growing rank of local community oriented dining spots. The coffee, as already mentioned, is local, and they feature artisan wares and art from local artists, while hosting live music. 5% of any gift card proceeds go toward Project HOPE, so you can drink coffee and feel good about yourself.

INDABA is definitely a recommended coffee shop. Check it out.