In defense of Luna


Luna really doesn’t quite get the respect it used to, does it? Ten years ago it was the place to dine in Spokane, but with places like Mizuna and Moxie gathering popularity, and new players like Latah Bistro and Sante hitting the market, Luna kinda just has gotten forgotten about. These days it almost has the word of being a bit of a blue hair-spot.

This is too bad, because Luna still delivers good food.

Having had a couple of brunches there semi-recently, there is no reason to consider this a “has been.” Sure, there are more creative and daring (and cheap) choices out there, but the quality is consistently high. Their eggs benedict? Excellent. Huevos rancheros? Perfect. Sure, these have probably been on the menu for the last ten years, but you know what… You need spots that can dish the classics up well. Not to deter anybody from taking any chances out there, of course, but I will say there are room for everybody in this town.

A quick sampling of their dinner menu recently—OK so it was boxed leftovers, but whatever, I’m not too proud for the doggy bag—was also a pleasant experience. In fact, the dug leg confit was great in all its succulent glory. Mixed with a juicy bit of lamb the overall quality was high enough that I will gladly eat other people’s leftovers from Luna.

I’m just saying. I think Luna still deserves some love, even though it’s aging a bit. But then again, who isn’t?