In defense of Europa


OK, so it’s not so much that Europa needs to be defended per se, but it does seem to get a bit lost in shuffle these days. And as everyone love lists (no, I’m sure you do!) here are five reasons to at least like Europe:

  1. The pizzas are excellent. These are the type of pies you see all over Central and Northern Europe, and they’re excellent.

  2. Vegetarian and gluten free options. Oh we all know one. You know. That one person who refuses to eat gluten because it’d, you know, put them in the hospital. Fret not, the gluten free options at Europa are plentiful. And if you’re a vegetarian you will be equally set.

  3. Dessert trays. It might be perfectly 80s, but really… If you want to sell something, you can’t go far wrong by putting the products in front of the customer. Their baked goods are also pretty excellent.

  4. The ambiance. OK, the mural might be an overkill, but the brick and interiors are awesome.

  5. It’s a restaurant we all can agree on. Seriously. Screw Clinkerdagger. Food geeks and people who don’t ever travel outside of Red Robin’s sphere can all get together here. Excellent pastas and pizzas, great sandwiches, good selection of wine and beer… Show Europa some love, they deserve it.