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Iced coffee with the AeroPress


We like, nay, love the AeroPress here at Team SpoCOOL, and we're pretty OK with warm weather too. Sometimes two plus two equals four, and the thought of making iced AeroPress coffee came to mind. We think you should try it too, because, really, why wouldn't you?

Using a couple of sources -- most seem to have found its inspiration from CoffeeGeek -- we came up with a condensed, six step guide on how to make one hell of a good cup of iced AeroPress:

  1. Dump about twice the amount of ground coffee you'd usually use into the cylinder. We went with CoffeeGeek's 30 gram recommendation.
  2. Grab the water off the stove just before it boils, and pour in five time as much water as the coffee you used. 150 ml in this case.
  3. Give the coffee a good stir -- we went for 45 seconds -- and let it sit for another half a minute or so, giving it the occassional stir.
  4. Press the coffee over a cup filled with ice. 
  5. Top with coconut milk to get that summer feeling going. Or use any other sweetener like milk or cream. Or nothing.
  6. Stir well, and get ready for enjoyment.

Consider that the simple way of doing it. A real coffee geek should probably follow (surprise, surprise) CoffeeGeek's more detailed steps.

It's also worth trying this using the inverted method.