Huckleberry's Hot Wings


Huckleberry's Hot Wings cover

In honor of Nuclear #Spiceawar, we continue our search for Spokane's best wings at Huckleberry's. 

We were optimistic here. The wings were advertised as being coated in Blair's, one of our top picks of hot sauces. The color looked right; a good char covered the wings. Everything was set for the experience we were looking for.

But, as you probably have gathered by now, this promise of awesomeness made the letdown that much greater.

That's not to say the wings were bad for what they were, it's just that what they were was very, very mild. I mean, even the weakest of Blair's sauces has some kick to it, so what happened here? One can only assume they didn't use a lot of it.

Really, this is a point of annoyance for me. I don't expect grocery wings to be crazy hot, but at least make sure they have a bit of a kick to them. Let's at least give those who wants hot, medium.


The chicken wasn't too bad in and of itself, and the crispiness was there like it should be. It would probably have been an acceptable meal of wings had the «hot» prefix not promised them to be something they were not.

Disappointing then, though probably not surprisingly so.