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Hopped Up Tasting Room


With all the breweries jumping up as of late, I can't help but feel that the most cleverly named one is Hopped Up. It might sound like a generic name, but seeing how they're located in a former IHOP building... Get it? It's very, very clever.

Now, puns aside, I'm not entirely sure the name is all that fitting. We tried their sampler flight, and could really not pick up a whole lot of hops from any of their beers.

Either way; were their beers actually decent? Well... Yes and no.

What they do is not necessarily «my thing», but then, my taste in beer is not all encompassing (strange, I know!), and I feel Hopped Up might cater well to those who like the lighter stuff.

The supposed heavier ales? You probably should stay away from them. There was some odd funkiness going on with the malts in the porters and stouts, which both felt strangely thin.

Yes, avoid the stouts and porters. You don't need that kind of disappointment.

The lighter ales have more of a place, or so I think anyway. Now, granted, the Lemon Cream Ale might not scream winter, but give it a few months, and it could become a summer favorite for some. I mean, really, it lives up to its name -- it's very, very lemony, like a Summer Shandy.

On the flip side, I'm not entirely sold on the basic cream ale, which really was dancing frightfully close to the Budweiser territory.

That aside: For the most part, if it's light, it's a safe bet you'll at least get something refreshing.

So. I'm not entirely sold on Hopped Up, but that's not to say you won't be. Those who enjoy lighter ales will quite probably have a wide selection to pick from.

Hopped Up does, in a sense, remind me of Orlison. Sure, one brews ales, and the other lagers, but flavor-wise you're somewhat within the same ballpark. (I'm more of a fan of Orlison myself, mind you.)

And like Orlison, I feel Hopped Up really has its place. Give them a try, you might find yourself enamored.