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Hop Jack's Restroom

Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

So Hop Jack's might not set the world on fire, but how about their restrooms? Surely their restrooms must hold a higher standard, what with being in a brand new strip mall and all.

This, alas, is just not the case. The restrooms are in no way better than the restaurant, or at least the men's room is not. I have been made aware of a better ladies's room.

Back to the men's facilities. There are, basically, two major problems here:

First, the location. I mean, I cannot remember ever having an issue with how a restroom was placed, but Hop Jack's layout is just not well thought out. You walk from the dining area through a very short corrido, and the entrance is located right at the end. "What's the problem with that?", you might ask. Think about it... The diners can look straight into the restroom, a restroom where the urinals are located in an open view from the door. The urinals can be seen from the dining area.

This problem affects everyone. The diners have to look at somebody doing his business, while he has to be subjected to the humiliation of being seen.

That right there is reason for disqualification in my mind.

Yet, just to rub it in your face, the handle on the urinal was broken during my visit. I mean, really? How many months has Hop Jack's been around? Rule number one when opening a restaurant: invest in proper restroom equipment.

This was just a letdown. Hop Jack's men's facilities are bottom of the barrel. We can in no way recommend them.