Heart Coffee Roasters Kenya Karinga


Heart Coffee Roasters Kenya Karinga cover

We were told by the Keaton Violet that Heart is a great coffee roastery for anyone who enjoys Wendelboe's beans. This might be because, from what we were told, one of the roasters are Swedish and thus have at least part of that Scandinavian sensibility we all love.


As we're getting ready to open sign-up for our AeroPress contest, SpoTOAST, we felt a Kenyan coffee, the Kenya Karinga, would be an appropriate choice.

And good lord does this AeroPress nicely.

The beans have a strong sweet scent of fruits, something that follows over to the flavor. You can easily pick up strawberry here, and the mouthfeel makes it feel like you've put cream in to the mix.

I can't remember many cups of coffee I've had that have been flavor bombs like this. That's what it is, however, a very very good and sweet flavor bomb. 

Heart is based in Portland, but they ship vacuum sealed bags of freshly roasted coffee on Tuesdays and Fridays. Shipping is $5. Run over to their website and order some coffee now. It's good for you.