Hale's Troll Porter


So here's an ale with a label that makes it look like the skunkiest of homebrew and a flavor that, particularly for the price, is very good.

Give it a pour and the jet black color should immediately catch your eye. The head is close to two fingers, lightly tan, and laces the glass nicely.

A quick whiff reveals malts and fruits; very pleasant. Give it another smell and you'll notice coffee in the backdrop.

For being so faint, the coffee actually hits the mouth harder than what I had expected. It's like the malts and coffee partakes in a game of volleyball on the tip of your tongue, slowly waltzing down your mouth to a gentle embrace of the tastebuds. As the beer warms up a bit, you'll also find a berry-like flavor joining in on the fun.

Flavors are, in other words, good. The mouthfeel is just a bit on the thin side, which becomes more apparent as the bottle starts warming up.

By all means, though, I'd recommend Troll Porter. It might not sit up there with the true classics, but it's close, and at a reasonable price too -- cheaper than Stone's offerings even. Give it a shot.