HAHA's Grill House


HAHA’s Grill House is another one of those spots that have been around for a bit (sine mid-last year to be precise) but we didn’t find out about until yesterday. In fact, technically we haven’t been to the spot yet, but we have sampled some of their vegetable sushi rolls, which are delivered twice a day to Kim’s Korean Market.

And it has to be said, these are some dang good roles for a dang good price. For under $6 you get enough to easily feed two people. Possibly more. Sure, it can be argued that vegetable rolls shouldn’t have eggs in them, but whatever. That’s a minor detail. Take these suckers home, mix up some soy sauce and wasabi, and baby, you got a sushi meal going.

HAHA’s is located on 2710 E Garland. Has anyone checked out their actual location?