Grocery Outlet


Grocery Outlet cover

It doesn't sound like something entirely mindblowing, but the Grocery Outlet might be one of the more interesting grocery stores in Spokane. Sure, it's not a boutique, and it's not what one would call "fancy" looking, or even "inviting," but you really don't want to judge this book by its cover.

This is, as the name suggests, an outlet store for groceries. Exactly how they get their hands on items that don't sell elsewhere I don't know, but for whatever reason they seem to come from all over the country. Thus you can find grocery items not seen anywhere else in town, which is kind of awesome.

We're not talking crap here either. Sure, this isn't where you'd get your meats and produce, but there are plenty of organic boxed and canned and bagged items. Interested in crazy types of ice cream, soups, beans, or chips? Grocery Outlet is like a treasure chest of all kinds of funky groceries.

There's even a (recently expanded) wine selection here, and you're bound to find something you thought was gone forever at a discounted price.

Finally. The owners. Franchised as the Grocery Outlet is, these are still local people running their own little business.

Picture of the fearless owners

I say go there and support them -- they deserve it.