Gluten Free Tips from @granolamom


My friend @granolamom has tried a variety of gluten free (GF) products.  So, I asked her for some tips on GF baking products.  This is what she had to say.

GF tips. I love Bob’s Red Mill. The mixes are great but his GF baking flour mix can be substituted in many recipes for regular flour. It’s awesome. Lately, I’ve been a fan of Mama’s Mixes especially her coconut blend for sweeter baking like cookies and such. I think the brands Glutino and Kinnikinnick generally make tasty products. I know Namaste is local and I would like to support them but honestly I don’t really care for their GF mixes. Cherrybrook Kitchen has some great sweet treats mixes like sugar cookies and vanilla cake. All that said I have yet to find a decent GF brownie mix. They just don’t measure up. Mostly I’ve had luck with taking a regular recipe and making my own substitute GF flour. Different flours are good for different things. Google is a great tool for this kind of thing. The magazine Living Without also has great ideas.

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Do you have an gluten free baking tips?