Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout


Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout cover

Full Sail might have its hits and misses, but there's no denying Black Gold is a good one. I'm guessing it'll be even better after a few years of aging, but really... You need to try one now and one later so you can properly compare. It's science, people!


It pours a deep dark color, with about a finger's worth of tan head. Looks pretty much like what you'd hope an Imperial Stout would look like. Give it a whiff and there's a lot of sweetness to be found, all very pleasant and you can pick up on the bourbon straight away.

Give it a sip and it's almost as much of a high end spirit as it is a beer. I don't mean this in a bad way, the flavors meld really nicely. There's a certain mellowness to the stout, and in a sense it reminds me of The Abyss. That's a pretty high compliment.

Keep sipping, and the malts and chocolate make their way into the picture. At a hefty 10.5% ABV it's obvious you should take it easy with this one, and really, that's a good thing. This is one to kick back with and enjoy. If you smoke cigars, I assume it would go well with the whole experience

Black Gold is a good one, one of Full Sail's best. Go grab a couple of bottles, and make sure to age at least one of them.