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Full Circle Farm-to-Table


We rarely post straight press releases here, but as we keep hearing great things about Full Circle's farm-to-table services and seeing how it's Friday... Well, why not?

Full Circle Expands Its Service to Spokane

Pioneering Farm-to-Table Food Company Broadens Washington Reach Bringing Organic Produce and Artisan Goods to Spokane Consumers

CARNATION, WA (March 10, 2011) -- Full Circle, a regional organic farm and leading organic produce and artisan food provider, today announced it is expanding its service to include Spokane. Full Circle will bring fresh, organic produce and artisan goods to convenient pick-up locations throughout Spokane.

We are excited to expand our business and provide nutritious food to more people throughout the Northwest, said Andrew Stout, Full Circle's founder and owner. Communities in Spokane will now have fresh, organic produce delivered to their neighborhoods with the added convenience of customizing each box to their specific needs and directly connecting them to the people who grow their food.

Full Circle subscribers in Spokane can schedule weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of Farm-to-Table boxes to one of 11 different pick-up sites close to home or work. Through the Full Circle website customers are provided with a selection of fresh produce items that they can accept as is, or customize to their specific preferences. Additionally, customers can add organic and artisan grocery items from local partners such as The Essential Baking Company, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Fresh Breeze Dairy, Quillisascut Cheese Company, Theo Chocolate Company, Grounds for Change (coffee), Choice Organic Teas, Blue Bird Grains and Moon Valley Honey.

Our farm boxes provide a wider selection of organic produce and artisan goods, offer the option to fully customize your box, and bring farm-to-table values directly to your neighborhood year-round, stated Stout.

Full Circle celebrates the many ways to live the good food life and believes in the value of nurturing both the land and the community, as both are essential in cultivating a healthy food system. Currently, Full Circle cultivates over 50 crops and 200 varieties of produce on 400 acres in the picturesque Snoqualmie Valley. Rooted in the importance of growing organically, both its crops and community have enabled the company to explore unique avenues in providing robust Farm-to-Table boxes to customers throughout Washington and Alaska year-round.

About Full Circle Farms

Established in 1996 by Andrew Stout and Wendy Munroe, Full Circle is a fast-growing Pacific Northwest company and national leader of the good food movement. Full Circle provides healthy and organically grown food -- including growing more than 200 varieties of certified organic, fruits, vegetables and herbs -- to a broad base of retail and commercial customers throughout Western Washington and across Alaska. For information visit: