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Full Circle


Way back when -- or two years ago as it is -- in a rare-ish (but not really) moment of laziness we posted a press release from Full Circle. Having since tried a few farm-to-table service, we've come around to giving Full Circle a shot, and really, this is probably the one that has worked out the best for us so far.

So what do we have? It all works pretty much as you'd expect: You sign up for a box, the size of your choosing. It's all done through a well-functioning website, where you choose to either have the box dropped off at your door or at one of the designated drop-off spots. Nothing overly shocking there. (Other than the website, which is pretty cool.)

The customizability, too, is impressive. You can add pretty much anything you can imagine to the box, from pasta to chocolate to tofu. Again, it's all made really simple through the website. In that sense you can probably get around of ever going to the store again if you really wish. But more about that in a second.

How local are the wares you receive? Well, it sort of depends on your definition. A lot -- most -- is from the west side of the state, and some comes from California. That's not to say other things don't come from closer quarters, like Quillisascut, but if you are set on just getting stuff from a hundred mile radius, then you probably want to look elsewhere.

Two things about the latter, though: We have looked at services that are more local, and, sadly, a lot of what we saw in the boxes tended to remind us of something we'd find at the bottom of the bins in Safeway.

Furthermore, and this comes back to never going back to the store ever again, we've found that supplementing the boxes make a lot of sense. Go to your favorite market, and pick up steaks from the Rocky Ridges of the world or whatever. Then you can, as an added bonus, feel superior about yourself.

We've been very happy with the quality of everything we've received from Full Circle. The ease of using the website is a bonus -- a big one at that -- and the variety of what you can put in your bin is impressive. We definitely recommend at least having a look at it.

Check out Full Circle's website for more.