French press


French press cover

We like DOMA here at Team SpoCOOL, or at least we did until they decided to compete against us in SpoBREW. We've heard (from ourselves) that Keaton actually snatches old ladies' purses and uses them in his homebrew. We support the elderly here at SpoCOOL, and in an effort to show our solidarity with them, we re-tried Starbucks in a fit of rebellion.

Then we were quickly reminded that Starbucks is pretty damn awful and we came crawling back to our bags of DOMA. (What have old people done for us lately, anyway?)

If you haven't sniffed around DOMA's website, you've been missing out. There are guides there that really should be read by anyone who ever drinks coffee. Take their French press guide. Follow this and you'll enjoy the best damn French pressed coffee you've ever had:

  1. Grind your fresh coffee beans right before you brew.  The grind should be coarser than drip coffee.  Use about 2 tablespoons for each 8 oz. of hot water. 
  2. Place grounds in the bottom of the clean, French press. 
  3. Use fresh water between 195-200°F (just off the boil).  If your water is not hot enough, your coffee will taste sour. 
  4. Pour the hot water vigorously over the grounds.  Start your timer now. 
  5. Let the press sit for about one minute with the lid off while the coffee foams up. 
  6. Give the coffee a quick stir and put the lid on the French press, when the timer reaches 3.5 - 4 minutes, press the plunger down gently. 
  7. Enjoy.

Take some time and check out DOMA's website. Just remember that Team DOMA makes homebrew out of marmot tears, and probably should not get your vote.