Food Dictionary


It's a familiar scene: You sit at a restaurant -- let's for argument's sake say Sante -- and the menu has more foreign words than English. Mirepoix? Zabaglione? Shirred eggs could be good, but what is it? You could ask the wait staff of course, but really, seeing that you are a Better Taster and use an iPhone... There must be an app for that.

And I'm sure there are plenty, but now you have another option with our very own Food Dictionary! Even better, seeing that this is a web app, it will work in any newer incarnations of WebKit browsers, including the one used in Android 2.2. (Chrome and Safari will also display the site on your desktop.)

You can simply access it by browsing to the website, and, on the iPhone, press "+" and "Add to Home Screen" to run it like an app in the future.

This is still in early testing phases, so things might not work as well as it should (I've only tested it on an aging iPhone 3G myself) but if you use it, at least you don't have to worry about updating the app, as it's all run on the web, where we'll update it for you.

As for the definitions, most were nabbed from Wikipedia, so let us know if you find any errors.

Now go try it.