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Flying Goat for wings


Flying Goat for wings cover

(Note that this post is about the hot wings; the full experience was reviewed earlier.)

Pizza places, as they are, rarely do wings well. This is pretty much a scientific fact, but luckily we have spots like Flying Goat proving there always are exceptions.

Now, first. These drumsticks are large. Very large. I am a bit unsure if anything like this exist in nature. Maybe they do, I don't know, and I'm not going to point any fingers without proof, but there might be cause for suspicion here if you mix your politics with your wings.

I give Flying Goat the benefit of the doubt, largely because they are pretty damn tasty.

The problem with most wings around town is the lack of spiciness. Flying Goat uses a five star system, and while they're not as crazy hot as Northern Lights', the four stars have a very nice kick, well within Northern Lights' ballpark. Whenever you can find a place that does spiciness properly, that is cause for celebration.

Heat aside, the actual chicken is well cooked, with a nice bite to it. There are no consistency problems. Flavor wise they have a bit of a citric flavor which sets them apart from other wings I've tried on this great hunt.

On the side there's a gorgonzola dressing which classes things up from your generic blue cheese. Not to mention from Ranch.

These are good wings, there is no denying that. You might disagree if the size is off-putting to you, but as far as heat, flavor, and consistency go -- the holy trinity of wings if you like -- I hold Flying Goat higher than most.