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Fletcher's Sauce Co Gourmet Hot Sauce

Product PlacementSpokane

Did you know we have a local company that makes hot sauces? We didn't, but apparently we do: Fletcher's Sauce Co is located in Mead, and their products are starting to appear around town.

We tried their Gourmet Hot Sauce at the Two Seven along with a chicken caesar soft taco, and I gotta say... Great suggestion on the server's part. This is not a bad hot sauce at all, one that is plenty different from, say, Frank's.

It's hot, certainly, and the heat lingers, but never to the point where it burns your tongue off. There's a very gentle smokiness toward the back that gives the overall flavor a bit of character, and, importantly, I did not notice much of a sweetness. That's one thing that bugs me about hot sauces -- that artificial sweetness they so often have.

There are plenty of Fletcher's sauces to try, and you can find their bottles at Rosauers stores among other places. We like these guys, and we also like the logo which reminds us of Jonah Hex. (Original, mind you, not the Josh Brolin version.)


Check Fletcher's out. The Gourmet Hot Sauce is one of the better hot sauces we've tried lately.