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First Friday


As you may or may not know, today is First Friday, and various food-related places around town are doing something to commemorate the monthly occasion.

First, SFB favorite Sante is showing off art from… Actually, I can’t think of his name, nor can I find it anywhere, but he (she?!) is pretty awesome! Plus it’s a good excuse to check

French Quarter, meanwhile, have their monthly wine tasting from 5pm-8pm. Again, if you need an excuse to check out the truffles, this is as good opportunity as any. Plus they’re having a “trunk show” with local artist Bonnie Amistader.

And Barrister Winery—we enjoy Rough Justice—is showing Angelica DiChiara's "Scenes from Tuscany.” Which is probably awesome and all, though I’m more interested in the wine. So shoot me.

Anyway! I don’t know who you all are, but you submit many reviews to Taste Everything Once! New locations Taste and Atilano’s are both receiving mixed reviews. To sum up mine in a sentence: Taste is nice but nothing out of the ordinary, and Atilano’s is a bit bland, though has the advantage of being open late. The “new” Aqua Bistro, meanwhile, is not getting as much love.