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Fighter of the Philly library closings


Tomorrow is the premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but, as far as SFB is concerned, everything is not sunny in Philadelphia, what with the library closings and all! And therefore we have decided to organize yet another meeting of the Spokane Beer Party, where we will celebrate the finest television show set in Philly, while protesting the upcoming Philly library closures.


As we are all about a big community outcry, we now encourage you to set up your own “It’s NOT Always Sunny in Philadelphia: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Viewing Party, and Library Closure Protest!” (INASiP:IASiPVP,aLCP for short.) This is a simple protest that can be done by following these six steps:

  1. Invite a group of friends for a It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia viewing, tomorrow, Thursday, 10pm at FX. (Remember to leave some time for the actual protest.)

  2. Print some of our Sunny protest fliers. (Or, for more fun, make your own!)

  3. Drink some beer! (Or anything else.)

  4. Take some pictures of yourself protesting the library closures!

  5. Watch some Sunny.

  6. Send us pictures of the protest, and we’ll send them on to our Philly library contacts.

And there you go—that’s all it takes to be part of the Spokane Beer Party!

Word has reached us (through phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other places) that the librarians got a nice morale boost from our previous gathering, and that the message climbed up the chain of command.

Do you really want to sit idly by and see one of the largest and most historically significant cities in the US close its library system? Of course you don’t—the negative effect of something like this will likely be felt far and wide. All the way (2,542 miles) to Spokane.

Join the Spokane Beer Party and fight the good fight: Save the Free Library of Philadelphia!