Far West Billiards

Restroom ChroniclesSpokane

This is the restroom Josh Hartnett and Matthew Davis famously used without washing their hands. I am just going to assume this was on separate occasions. Hollywood trash aside, Far West does provide clean restrooms early in the night, and they’re also roomy places to get some thinking done. Sure, space might not be that important, but it’s definitely an added bonus.

Even better is the large blackboard gracing the wall in the men’s room. This might seem like a strange feature until you think about all those moronic tags you find in most restrooms: the board really contributes to give the restroom a cleaner feel.

The problems start surfacing a bit more later at night when the aim toward the urinals get a bit more shoddy. Come midnight, and there’s a little lake of urine on the floor which is not good, and, in fact, a bit gross.

Far West is a highly recommended place to do your business early in the day, but the impression fades as the night goes on. Josh Hartnett and his ilk should be ashamed for disgracing it with his poor hygiene.