F'Real (yo)


It's kind of a rare occassion we step inside gas stations, but when for whatever reason we've had to, we've noticed F'Real. This might be the worst name anybody has ever come up with for anything ever, particularly for what is a glorified milkshake machine.

And by glorified I mean awesome! Almost like a fair ride awesome.

The concept is easy: You pick a container with your favorite flavor -- there are tons -- peel the lid open, and put it in the machine. From here you pick your thickness on the huge high resolution screen and watch the cup get sucked up to amusing animations on screen.

I mean, really, it made me feel all giddy -- this is the future Back to the Future 2 promised us!

Oh, the milkshake might not be particulalry awesome. But come on, high resolution screens and all! This is the final step before we eat our food in pill-form!

Now run and find the one closest to you.