Erick Doxey


Many, many, many* wants to be included in our little hall of fame list  known as Hometown Heroes, but few make the cut. "Why then" you may ask, "is Erick Doxey" on the list?"

It's a good question, but you might be surprised to hear that Mr. Doxey is quite the accomplished and prolific man. A Marco Arment of Spokane if you like.

As a professional photographer with a blog documenting those who make Spokane great, Mr. Doxey's has taken this city to his heart and is graciously sharing his talent with it. Those of you who have perused local sites like Central Food have already taken delight in his work. Of course, his own site does contain many more samples of his work.

And of course: He has participated in every #SpoBREW event so far, and is set to compete in the #SpoBREW Classic. Mr. Doxey truly has his tentacles wrapped all around Spokane.

So what makes the man tick? According to the Hometown Hero himself...

Image of Doxey

Music: The first pop record i ever owned was Thriller. The first cassette tape I bought with my own money was Licensed To Ill. I've been consuming music ever since. I even had a stint as a working musician for 5 years. I had one band that *actually* released a real album in 2003....and it was good.

Family: It's changed my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. kids are like LSD; unless you've actually done it, the experience can't be explained.

Photography: I've been taking pics since I was a wee lad gallivanting across the globe. It didn't hurt that my dad was an amateur photographer, either. Some of my fondest memories are of the screen and projector being set up so we could view our adventures. Now, i can't imagine my life without my camera. People are still my favourite subject; everyone of us is different and we each have our own story. Trying to capture that is a never ending challenge.

Pizza: It was either this or beer, and pizza won. There's no such thing as "the perfect slice" but I've come close a few times. Luckily, I know the guy that has come the closest to creating that perfect slice. Veraci, you complete me.

Spokane: It's cheesy, but it's true. I never had a hometown and never found a place that I wanted to adopt. That all changed when I moved to Spokane. It's like I always tell my out of town friends: Spokane is big enough to keep your interest, yet small enough to not drive you crazy. To me, it's the perfect little city. ...except when it's 100 degrees out, then I just hole myself up in a dark room in my basement until it passes.

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* Probably not "many".