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Elysian Fallout Green Cardamom Pale


Elysian's 12 Beers of the Apocalypse series continues, this time with a spiced pale ale. Like the Rapture before it, Fallout is a winner for Elysian, a brewery that quickly is turning into a favorite for me.

I poured a bomber of it into a pint glass. The color held a golden hue of orange, and the finger's worth of head was crisp and white. A whiff revealed a wall of scents, with cardamom hitting first, followed by a florally, citric backdrop. A mellow sweetness was detectable toward the finish.

My initial worries that the cardamom would overpower the other flavors were quickly put to rest. The malts actually dominated, much like a standard pale, with the cardamom lingering in the back. In that sense, this is what a spiced pale should be -- the spices were there to flank the malts, and the hopiness just gently lingered in the back. The depth truly was sublime.

Fallout was very refreshing and drinkable, even at 7.3% ABV. A perfect spring beer, albeit a bit too big to be a session sipper. Head out and grab a bomber of it; Fallout is an excellent ale.