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"Eat Your Meat" - the brackets!


You know the rules, now play the game!

The brackets are online and all you need to do is to fill them out all the way until the red, final spot has a meat in it, type in your name toward the bottom, and press “Submit.” Easy as pie.

The brackets will be open until Wednesday, April 22nd, so you—and with you I particularly am referring to the players in this little contest—don’t have to fill them out quite yet if there are meats you’d like to try out over the next two weeks.

While we originally were thinking of going ultra high tech with indicators of you actually having eaten the meat you’re voting for or not… Well… It’s too nice outside to go too high tech. Instead—and this goes for the competitors in particular—indicate in a comment here which meats you haven’t eaten after your bracket is submitted. We’re doing the honors system.

And finally, part of the point here is to help others find some of the stranger meats on the list throughout town. I haven’t had pheasants or Cornish hen, so if you know where to get those or others… Go ahead ahead and leave a comment.

Now, play ball! Or meat. Or whatever!