Drunken Goat

Product PlacementSpokane

We have some experience with eating cheese in Murcia, and were more than a little pleased when we found Main Market to be carrying Drunken Goat, a cheese from Jumilla, a town in the northern parts of the region.

So what makes this cheese so special? Ignoring the simple fact that it's really quite good, the wheel of cheese goes through a rather interesting process of being submerged in red wine for two to three days. This gives the rind a nice deep, purple color, contrasted by the white of the cheese.

The flavor of Drunken Goat is, not surprisingly, also affected by this process. It is sweet, with a mild, round flavor, one that -- again, not surprisingly -- has echoes of grapes. The texture is relatively creamy, and you can easily eat the cheese just by itself, but really, it goes especially well with a dark chocolate.

You can pick up a good sized chunk for less than $5 at Main Market. We suggest that you do so; this is a great cheese.