Drinking Made Easy: Spokane

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So let's talk about Drinking Made Easy's Spokane episode. We'd kinda forgotten about Zane Lamprey after the rather... uninspired... last season of Three Sheets. Hey, it's hard to blame anyone for the decline of the show; how excited can you be going to your twelfth distillery?

Drinking Made Easy is, of course, in essence the same show, just with a whole lot more Steve McKenna, Zane's "stunt drinker". The addition has actually worked pretty well, at least if the Spokane episode was anything to go by, as the crew can now focus more on him whenever Zane looks like he's bored out of his scull.

As for the episode -- the first we've watched of the show -- it wasn't too bad at all. Spokane was shown off in a good light, one that made it look like an actual interesting place. So that in itself is good.

Dry Fly was an obvious stop, and while I'm sure most of us already were fairly familiar with the distillery, we at least learned that Zane is quite the decent doodler, as shown by the drawing he made on one of the barrels.

Bon Bon was a more interesting destination, what with the story behind the "Monkey Gland" drink. It was also a good reminder that the spot's interiors are awesome. Good also to see Northern Lights featured; they make some good beer. It's almost a bit sad that we keep forgetting about them.

Steam Plant, Steelhead, and Baby Bar... Maybe not the most exciting picks around, although the two-story shot at Steelhead was pretty legendary.

I don't think we'll make Drinking Made Easy something we watch regularly. The three first seasons of Three Sheets were great, but the concept kinda lost its spark after that.

The Spokane episode was good, though, and they made it look like a pretty cool town. So hey, who are we to complain?

Drinking Made Easy runs on HDNet. I'm sure there will be plenty of reruns in case you missed the episode.