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DOMA Summer Lovin'


DOMA Summer Lovin' cover

We've said it before and we'll say it again, with our fists shaking toward the sky: The Spokane coffee scene has really improved over the last few years, moving toward something that we've been waiting for quite a while now. Revel 77 and Coeur have stepped up the game as far as coffee shops go, and it's great seeing roasters like Manners pop up.

Then there's the old guard of course. Or old-ish. Like DOMA, who we love, and you love too. We got sent a tin of their Summer Lovin' -- full disclosure as always, it was sent to us, and we didn't pay for it -- and a good coffee-kick-off to the summer it is.

Going by memory, this is about as light of a coffee I think we've had from DOMA, but that's not to say it doesn't pack a flavor punch. Being an Ethiopian (followed by a few words I will skip on trying to pronounce) the black currant dominates fairly heavily, but there's definitely a whole lot more fruit to it than that.

A citric acid hits well toward the middle; think the feeling you get from biting into a really tart orange. Flanking it are good hints of red currants, all adding up to a juicy face-smacking flavor. That, mixed with a light mouthfeel, really makes for a good cup of coffee.

We AeroPressed and French pressed the Summer Lovin' and would probably recommend sticking with the latter. Not that it was bad AeroPressed mind you, but the French press seemed to showcase the nuances of the flavors.

There are many roaster around town -- some good, some not so good -- and DOMA has another winner on their hands with Summer Lovin'. Great job by Josh Quick, too, for illustrating the package.