DOMA Santa's Little Helper 2012


We talk a lot about winter ales, but let's not forget the winter coffees. The fact that DOMA's Santa's Little Helper is all about Scandinavia is enough for us to take note, and we'll even forgive the somewhat incorrect Swedish bend to the historical description of Santa Lucia's Day.

Either way, the day to celebrate is tomorrow, December 13th, and you should probably do so by drinking some Santa's Little Helper, as this makes a very good cup of coffee. It reminds me of the more traditional Scandinavian roasts -- not as light as the current trend, but not too dark either -- so that seems to go well with the theme.

"Coffee cherry" has been used in its description pretty liberally, and I can see why. I do also pick up on notes of grapefruit pretty well here. There's a certain crispness that hits straight on the tip of the tongue, just before the gentle creaminess embraces the mouth, like a mellow, comforting hug.

We AeroPressed ours, but I'd be curious to try the recommended French press method, for comparison's sake.

Should you want to go all traditional, I imagine this would be well enjoyed the traditional way: After dinner, with a good XO cognac on the side.

Either way, go grab a bag. The coffee is available for a limited time, and is well worth a try. We liked Santa's Little Helper a lot, and we're sure you will like it too. It can be found most anywhere DOMA coffee is sold, including at Revel 77 where we found our bag.